Thursday, 23 November 2017

How can I contact Hotmail about my account?

When you have any issue or you want to know something about your Hotmail account then you can follow below steps to contact Hotmail about your account:

  1. First log in to Hotmail account. You should ideally logon with the Hotmail account you have a question on, but any account will do.
  2.  After you login you need to click on Help, which you can see in the upper right corner of the Hotmail page.
  3. Then click on View other Help suggestions or contact us near the bottom of the left hand side of the resulting page.
  4. You can select Other – Contact MSN Hotmail in the Category drop-down list.
  5.  Fill out the contact form.

This is how you can contact Hotmail online about your account.

Contact Hotmail about my account

Hotmail is a service offered by Microsoft so when you want to contact them about your Hotmail account one way is to fill out the contact form as mentioned above. Alternatively you can also contact them via live chat, through email or by dialing Hotmail customer service phone number.

Hotmail technical support

When you have any technical issue with your Hotmail account like Hotmail account is not opening, how to reset Hotmail account password, what to do if Hotmail is not sending or receiving email, Hotmail is loading slow, Hotmail is not working on all devices and so on. For all such technical issues with your Hotmail account you can get Hotmail technical support which is available for 24X7 and any user of the Hotmail in any part of the world is entitled for best Hotmail technical support.

Hotmail customer service number

Likewise Microsoft offers help to every user of Hotmail from any corner of the world. You can go to support page of Microsoft and choose Hotmail there then you can read available information there. It may solve your issue. You may also opt for live chat, email option or community platform where developers from all round the world answer your query related to Hotmail and other products and services of Microsoft. You can also get customer service via phone if you want to talk to the customer service representative on phone so that your issue gets resolved conveniently. You just need to dial Hotmail customer service number which works 24X7 and the experts are always  happy to solve your issues related to Hotmail account.

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