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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How to create Hotmail account without phone number?

It is good practice to create your Hotmail account with a phone number but what if you don’t have a phone number or you don’t want to give your phone number or what if you already have attached one phone number with one Hotmail account and now you are creating another Hotmail account and you don’t have another phone number to provide here? Well, you can follow below steps to create Hotmail account without phone number?
  • First open Microsoft from our browser.
  • Then click on ‘Create account’ on the top right side of the page.
  • Now create your email address. You can type your preferred email name which you can easily recall in the future because you have to enter this every time you login to to your account.
  • Next you need to enter your password.
  • Here you can uncheck now ‘Send me promotional emails from Microsoft’ box if you don’t want to receive them to your inbox.
  • After that click ‘Next’.
  • Now enter your First name and last name.
  • Then click on ‘Next’.
  • Next step is to select a country or region from the drop down box and then click your current location.
  • Next you need to enter your Date of Birth.
  • Then click Next.
  • Now you need to enter a verification code that you can see on screen.
  • Then click Next.
This is how you can create your Hotmail (Which is now Outlook) account without a phone number.

Steps to create Hotmail account without phone number

You can follow above mentioned steps to create Hotmail account without phone number.

Hotmail technical support

Hotmail which is now Outlook is an email platform of Microsoft. You can use Hotmail for sending and receiving emails and while using it you can also face technical issue sometimes. In such situations you need help to get rid of those issues so that you can start accessing your Hotmail account again. You can get Hotmail technical support from Microsoft team when you need it and the technical support is available for 24X7.

Hotmail customer service number

Likewise when you have any issue with your Hotmail or you are looking to get some information about your Hotmail account then you can get Hotmail customer service by Microsoft and for this you can dial Hotmail customer service number where the representative on phone will provide you the solution that you are looking for.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

How can I get my Hotmail password 1-888-886-0477 number

How can I get my Hotmail password 

  • Steps to get my Hotmail password
  • Open outlook or Hotmail log in page in your browser
  • Now click on Can’t access your account button
  • Select I forgot my password and click on Next
  • Enter your Hotmail address in the Microsoft account and fill the Cpatcha
  • Now click on Next
  • Select the verification method. You can do it either by your alternative email or mobile number, which are given at the time of account creation
  • You will receive a verification link or code at your given email id or mobile number respectively
  • If you do have either of these, you must select I don’t have any of these
  • You need to fill a questionnaire related to your account and follow the process further.
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